Oscar Romp

Figurative Artist


Uk Jazz-funk-soul

I call these images 'unstill lives'. Drawing people in movement, on a musical wave-length. They are the opposite of 'still life' painting, - (the painting of silent and 'still' bowls of fruit and flowers)... Compositions of dancers and venues made ‘live’ on location in jazz, soul and funk clubs in London, Uk and Beyond. 1990-2020. Fuelled by participation and observation. The images catch or court the spirit and atmosphere of the music and dance of each specific event.

The 'Hi-Hat' At The Blue Note (Colour)

A hand-drawn, hand-printed single-plate offset lithograph printed in a Ltd edition of 10. 70cm x 50cm. 2002. Made with reference to the 'live' charcoal work of same name that was made on location at The Bluenote, Hoxton Square, London in 1997. This edition is a variation of the first edition which is printed in black from one plate. This variation is printed from the same plate but in sepia/burnt Sienna brown, wit additional omnichrome colour in dry-pigment-pastel.