Oscar Romp

Figurative Artist


Unstill Lives

Compositions of dancers and venues made ‘live’ on location in jazz, soul and funk clubs in London, Uk and Beyond. 1990-2010. Fueled by paricipation, obsrvation and the spirit of the music and dance.

The 'Hi-Hat' At The Blue Note (Colour)

A hand-drawn, hand-printed single-plate offset lithograph printed in a Ltd edition of 10. 70cm x 50cm. 2002. Made with reference to the 'live' charcoal work of same name that was made on location at The Bluenote, Hoxton Square, London in 1997. This edition is a variation of the first edition which is printed in black from one plate. This variation is printed from the same plate but in sepia/burnt Sienna brown, wit additional omnichrome colour in dry-pigment-pastel.